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Posted by Anje Olmstead on February 12, 2018 at 7:28am — 1 Comment

Mosaics in the New York Subway

Posted by John Rose on January 4, 2017 at 7:43am — 4 Comments

Making a mosaic hour by hour

Posted by Helen Miles on May 13, 2016 at 9:57pm — 4 Comments


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Featured Artist Dee Ruff

Through my ever-evolving creative path in mosaic art, I have combined my love of gardening and nature by creating colorful abstract garden mosaics, early in my journey. I enjoyed experimenting with spirals and circles, along with other patterns and textures found in nature, to create birdbaths and sculptural forms. Rather than using representational designs such as flowers, foliage, or insects, I created waterproof abstracts that do not directly compete with nature, but complement and enhance the natural elements in a garden or a home gallery. My focus has now turned to contemporary abstract indoor mosaic art that reflects my fascination with texture, color combinations, and diverse tesserae. My mosaic business name is "Black Cat Mosaics" and I have trademarked the name "Illuminated Shards®" which is my current style of mosaics. I combine textures from the natural world (slate, stone, metals, shells) with shards of glass tesserae and reflective elements. When my art is placed in focused lighting, it sometimes appears to glow. This interplay of light with the materials I combine is an important part of my current style. I think I have finally found my current "mosaic voice."

Dee's website




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Discussion Forum

Has anyone worked with broken auto glass?

Started by Anje Olmstead in Creativity/Inspiration/Motivation. Last reply by Donna Lutzky yesterday. 3 Replies

I would appreciate hearing from anyone who has used broken auto glass.  I have only seen 2 pieces of art with this medium.  I am thinking  about trying it in an abstract “water” piece.Continue

Tags: glass, auto, broken

Discouraged with lack of comments on posts.

Started by Pam Givens in Creativity/Inspiration/Motivation. Last reply by Bev Delyea on Saturday. 20 Replies

I've gotten some emails from members of CMA who are feeling discouraged about the interaction on this site.  Disappointment that may cause them to leave the site.  People post photos of their mosaics that they spend a great deal of time creating and…Continue

protect tile from grout

Started by Roberta Tobey Gertz in Creativity/Inspiration/Motivation. Last reply by Karen D Feb 6. 3 Replies

Is there any temporary substance to use that will protect textured tile such as vitreous glass from getting discolored by dark grout? I've tried taping, but it's very fussy, the tape comes off. Something that you could paint on, then wash or rub off…Continue

Tags: masking, taping, grout

Interaction on CMA

Started by Solly in Creativity/Inspiration/Motivation. Last reply by Casey Shelley Jan 30. 29 Replies

Why is participation in discussions so low?  Do we need more controversy?  Has it all been discussed earlier in the forum?  Are there too few active members?Continue

Illusion of Space

Started by Solly in Creativity/Inspiration/Motivation. Last reply by Eric Casteel Jan 24. 7 Replies

Most people seem familiar with linear perspectives (Linear perspective, a system of creating an illusion of depth on a flat surface. All parallel lines…Continue

Tags: illusion, depth, space, perspective

Removal of dried thinset from mural before grouting

Started by Deanna Muir in Creativity/Inspiration/Motivation. Last reply by Deanna Muir Jan 23. 2 Replies

I have installed an outdoor mural using moscaic tape. i have many spots with dried thinset that needs to be removed before i can grout. Any tips or ideas for removing the dried thinset? i have tried small dental picks and dremmel. Its too tough for…Continue


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